Rail Scrap Retreiver

Model # RS-1

A scrap pick up machine designed to be used in a single rail gang operation picking up spikes, anchors, plates and clips after the rail has been removed. This machine utilizes crawlers on the side where the rail has been removed and employs a single 30" wide belt which can be centered over either rail seat area. Scrap is picked up by a permanent magnet drum and conveyed into a hopper which can be dumped to either side of the track. The machine work travel is controlled by a wireless remote control which allowed the operator walk behind the machine to remove any plates which still have spikes in them. The operator can also control the work functions of the machine from within the cab or from the rear of the machine.

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Rail Scrap Photos

Tie plate pick up conveyor

Magnet drum tie plate pick up

Single rail scrap pick up machine